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Physiotherapy in Haarlem

The COVID-19 pandemic is still very active, you can’t miss it! Meanwhile we are fully open for consultation and treatment. We like to recall the strict regulations: stay at HOME if you experience a cough, painful throat, sneezing, a headache or feverish feeling. Test yourself or contact your GP for more information by phone, don’t visit them. We still respect the rule of save distance, so when we treat our patients and need to get real close, we wear a facemask (FFP2) to ensure safety. Safety for you, aswell as for ourselves.

For more general expat-information about the Corona-crisis you may follow NOS (in English) or you can use the Corona Check App of our regional hospital.

Working from home gives you new opportunities; join the home-workout: The Small-Space Workout challenge.

During this pandemic you might experience fear & anxiety.  How to deal with this? F.A.C.E. C.O.V.I.D.

Did you recover from COVID-19 and want to start exercising? Read more about this in the NYTimes.

Welcome to our centre at the south of Haarlem-Centre.

We are a well equipped and air-conditioned centre incorporated in multifunctional Health Centre ‘De Koningin’ (the Queen) in Haarlem. Together with a GP practise on the first floor (a long established family practise providing general medical services to a wide range of patients), a physiotherapy practise for pelvicproblems, a group of psychologists and a team of Mensendieck-therapists. Additional services as bloodsampling (laboratory services), an optometrist, and a podotherapy centre are also available.

Exercise is an effective but neglected treatment for many (chronic) conditions. However, similar to surgery a/o medication, exercise is not a single entity but must be tailored to the condition.

We realize Haarlem is upcoming for expats and lots of tourists. Our team of skilled and very experienced physiotherapists is proud to encounter you in fluent English. Briefly we introduce all of our teammembers:

To schedule for an appointment for physiotherapy you may call 023-5313799 or send an email to  

Net Promotor Score (NPS). The loyalty of our practise customer relationships (the customer satisfaction research) concludes in 68% Promotors, 30% Passives and 2% Detractors (2019).

More medical information (in English) for expats and tourists you may find at the website of Expatica, the Spaarne Gasthuis and more patient information leaflets you can find at the website of the Bronovo Hospital.

For an impression about the aspect ‘chronic pain’ you click here.

What can you do yourself? Check here for posture, for strength or stress.

More general information for ‘newbie Haarlemmers‘? Click to ESP-Haarlem, Meet-ups or Expat Friendly Locals.

According to new data- and privacylegislation in the EU (General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR) our website and our organisation is fully adjusted from the date of 25-05-2018.